Alpproject Consortium was established in 1992. Its main activity is geology and it has a huge experience of working for many local and international customers.

During these years the geologists of the Consortium did exploring field-works and estimation of ore resourses on many deposits in Kyrgyz Republic accordingly to contracts with Newmont (USA), Kumtor Operating Company (Canada), Cameco (Canada), MMMA/JICA (Japan), TEKK (Canada), Apex (Israel), MINDECO (Japan), Phelps Dodge (USA), Barrick (USA), Mining Concern "Kyrgyzaltyn" etc.

During some years the Consortium worked for MINDECO company (Japan) - digitizing of geological data, interpeting of satellite images to find new ore deposits. There were geological maps and satellite images of Japan, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Mongolia, Bolivia, Chile, Peru etc.

Geologists of the Consortium in partnership with well-known international consulting companies (Micromine Consulting, CSA Global, SRK Consulting) did geological quality control works and estimation of ore resourses on deposits in Russia, Kazahstan, Armenia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Eritrea, Angola, Kongo, Guinea etc.

Two leading experts of the Consortium are members of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists for many years, they have the status of "competent person" and a meaningful experience of QA/QC of exploration and resource estimates on deposits in countries of CIS, Asia and Africa according to international standards (JORC, 43-101F1) and the requirements of the State Commission on Reserves (GKZ) of the CIS countries. The leading IT-manager of the Consortium is certified trainer for Micromine software.

Currently, the Consortium works in the following directions:
- Structural geological mapping of deposits and creation of 3D lithological models and 3D models of ore bodies, estimation of mineral resources according to JORC, 43-101F1 and GKZ standards
- Quality control of geological exploration process and quality control of laboratory tests according to JORC standards (QA/QC)
- Creating and quality control of databases (drill holes, trenches, assays etc.)
- Digitizing of data for further 3D modeling of deposits, their sampling, surface and underground holes, types of rocks and ore bodies