1995-2005 - tehnician-geologist of Avista Ltd. Data base support, digitizing and georeferencing of maps. Providing of geological mapping on field works (scales 1:10000-1:50000) and geological exploration field works on areas of Chatkal mountain ridge.

2005 - graduated Kyrgyz Geological University (Bishkek city, Kyrgyz Republic), specialization: geological survey, searching and explorating of ore deposits. Main subjects were structural geology and geological mapping, petrography, mineralogy, methods of explorating of ore deposits with basics of estimation of the reserves.

2005-2008 - geologist of Avista Ltd. Providing and management of geological exploration field works (scales 1:5000-1:50000) on areas of Northern, Central and South Tien Shan.

2008-2013 - senior geologist of Avista Ltd. Exploration of mineral deposits, geological mapping, computer-base data processing and 3D modeling (GIS, Micromine).

From 2013 - director of Avista Ltd. Management of field and office geological projects: exploration of mineral deposits, geological mapping, computer-base data processing.

Mihail Ordenov