1984 - graduated  Frunze Polytechnical Institute (Bishkek city, Kyrgyz Republic), specialization was 'Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology', main subjects were structural geology and geological mapping, petrography, mineralogy, geodynamics, basics of geophysics and mining.

1984-1986 - geologist of Akbel geological mapping department. Geological mapping of Akshiyrak ridge (Middle Tien-Shan, Kumtor gold deposit area) scale 1:50000.

1986-1988 - geologist of Terskey geological mapping department. Creation of regional geological legend for Terskey-Alatoo ridge (Northern Tien-Shan).

1988-1990 - geologist of Kuhistan geological mapping department (Tajikistan). Geological additional survey of Southern Tien-Shan (Gissar, Zeravshan, Turkestan and Alay ridges) scale 1:200000 - creation of new type regional geological map. Reconnaissance field-works and making of project for additional survey of Tajik depression and surround mountains (Gissar ridge of Southern Tien-Shan; Northern, Middle, Southern Pamir and Darvaz).

1990-1991 - geologist of Aerogeophysical department of Kyrgyz geophysical expedition. On surface verifying and geological substantiation of geophysical anomalies on regions of Northern, Middle, Southern Tien-Shan.

From 1992 - director of Alpproject Ltd. Direct management of geological works (geological consulting, making of geological maps, survey and explorating of deposits) on contracts with Newmont (USA), Kumtor Operating Company (Canada), CAMECO (Canada), MMMA/JICA (Japan), TEKK (Canada), APEX (Israel), MINDECO (Japan), Felps Dodg (USA), Barrick (USA),and also with joint local-foreign companies in Kyrgyz Republic with big investors from Russia, China, Australia, Canada and others.

From 2006 - director of Alpproject Consortium. Top management of all works.

From 2008 he is an International Competent Person (CP), proved by membership in The Australian Institute of Geoscientists (membership certificate #3771) and has rights to provide international auditting of deposits (QA/QC) and estimation of the reserves (accordingly to JORC and 43-101F1 standards).

Oleg Lopatko