Alpproject Consortium:
- is an association of private companies;
- they registered accordingly th law of Kyrgyz Republic and they work in related sectors of geology;
- the Consortium is not a juridical person.

The companies who in the Consortium:
- are independent legal entities;
- 100% of their property belongs to their staff;
- not affiliated with other geological companies, government and financial institutions;
- accept joint management of the Consortium;
- support the policy of a common business strategy, common goals and provide each other with all possible assistance.

Director of the Consortium: Oleg Lopatko
Chief Geologist: Anatoly Jadeyev
IT-manager: Petr Myltsev

Included companies:

Alpproject Ltd.
Main activities: geological consulting, geological mapping, geological survey, computer data processing, 3D-modeling, estimation of the reserves
Director: Petr Myltsev

Avista Ltd.
Main activities: geological survey and explorating works
Director: Mihail Ordenov